Sober On The Rocks

Hello friends, thanks for stopping by. Join me on my adventures of living on a rock exploring my sobriety. My story is unique however similar to many and my hope is to spark your curiosity to explore yours. Tag along for this wild adventure, your love and support is gratefully appreciated.

Latest from the Blog

Will I Ever Be Ready To?

I have been up since 3 am overwhelmed with emotions about what to do and it is causing a shadow over every part of my life. I’m so unsure of everything and after yesterday’s cumulative shit storm has my nervous system all wrecked today.  I watched Netflixs, which I rarely do, to distract and numb out. It felt goodContinue reading “Will I Ever Be Ready To?”

Unsolicited Advice

Living on the rock F this day. I say the f word a lot, it’s not cute.    It wasn’t a good day full of lessons learned. The rained happened all day, Mr. Hotel rescheduled for the 4th time in a month, my classes canceled and stuck in this house with no car. I wallowedContinue reading “Unsolicited Advice”

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