Sober On The Rocks

Hello friends, thanks for stopping by. Join me on my adventures of living on a rock exploring my sobriety. My story is unique however similar to many and my hope is to spark your curiosity to explore yours. Tag along for this wild adventure, your love and support is gratefully appreciated.

Latest from the Blog

Today Feels Good

I have been thinking about what to do with this platform. I want it to be my outlet and educational for me to learn from and others. How do you quantify my life is better? How long is the test ran for? I have been sans alcohol before and I don’t remember it being a… Continue reading Today Feels Good

Alone and Not Lonely

Waking up feeling great surprisingly. I drank a whole bottle of wine last night and ate a bunch of cheese. So interesting to reflect on how a bad habit builds to the other, then the next, etc… It’s been a slow few days and the first time I am actually nervous about COVID. For a… Continue reading Alone and Not Lonely

Get Off My Plate

I keep wanting to make this perfect, then another day passes, another day passes. I feel I am putting hte cart before the horse and now I just need to simply do. Leaving the below here it’s a reacp of the week and big surprise I was alcohol free the entire time! You know that… Continue reading Get Off My Plate

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