Let’s Do It

AF Day 1

Not hungover like I thought I would be for my Day 1. I have been actively trying to quit drinking since my breakdown in early April this year, I want to call that this bottom. I’ve had worse bottoms and sober periods scattered along the decades. What I know is the bottom is where ever you quit digging and today I’m done.

My plan is writing this journal to help me understand a new found whirlwind of emotions, find support in a like minded community and to connect with people to encourage them to be sober curious too. AF (alcohol free) living has always had my interest and when I’m living my best life alcohol is rarely there. This bottom is because I want more out of life and I feel alcohol is getting in the way. I can have good times with alcohol still however the emotional hurtful times is more than I am comfortable with. I’m done digging and ready for living.

Today I want a rolling 365 days of alcohol free, maybe longer. Sober curios for sure and excited to see how I will rise and fall. Alcohol has become a band-aid for me and began using it to numb out, repeatedly. Yes we are in a pandemic and probably an intense time to quit, it’s no secret I love sitting front row in this roller coaster called life.

Along with writing this blog, I have enlisted a small circle of friends that will be amazing mentors and a knowing that sobriety will be game changing. Join me and let’s support each other finding our way to sober living.

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