Dry July

AF Day 1

Good morning friends, today is the day. HAHAHA I know, I know… I keep trying but stick out with me a little longer, I got this. I have so much going on and my to do list is getting longer and longer. Drinking had me spinning my wheels and feelings are everywhere. Dry July is on like donkey kong and this to do list is going to get worked. I have gathered key people who are supporting my journey and I’m not ashamed anymore. It sucks that I can’t drink alcohol but I want so much more. I know I could keep drinking and live a decent life but it’s not fulfilling. I have been settling left and right, gross.

My eyes are tearing up, why is this so emotional? I feel like I failed as a person and not living my values. This is so simple, don’t drink alcohol. I have had sober months, even a year in my 20’s, I quit using drugs and so many other bad behaviors. Karen has her claws in me for long enough and we are breaking up today.

Speaking with Mr B the other day the knowing came up. I use to know I was a force to be reckoned with and there was nothing that I couldn’t do. The past year I have been floating along and letting life happen to me. I would gain momentum, have a strong moment and then some thing would take the wind out of my sails. Now with COVID I really need to get to action, think differently and make changes. The wild thing is my goals are still the same work from anywhere, quality time with people I care about and a healthy lifestyle. Simple right? I love it and super excited.

I know I can be AF and thank you for believing in me. It’s one of the best feelings I’ve had in a long time, thank you. Cheers my friends and join me for Dry July!

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