Change Your Hair, Change Your Life

AF Day 2

The end of day 2 is in the books again. Felt really great all day, slept ok and I really want that to improve. I actually found Magnesium tablets (they help you relax to sleep and in a brand I trust), at the grocery today, I have been looking since the holidays. I’ll have to take pictures one day of the difference in grocery stores here. It’s has improved a lot in over 5 years. COVID has it a little bare but loads of local produce, and there is a truck that comes to my house.

NO SAND DAY!! Yes, you heard me no sand day. Why today? Because I’m rocking my new haircut. Why is this important? I work at a beach resort and in sand every day, it’s random if not everywhere on my body along with being in the heat most times. I promise you have a different look when you are beachside 5 to 7 days a week. A few times a month I have full no sand days. I wear shoes that were made to be cute, clothes that are not multi-purpose sportswear, maybe a nice bra, slight makeup, hair down with jewelry, and possibly perfume if I know we are avoiding the sand fleas. My pre-rock everyday living daily outfit that I miss dearly sometimes. I’m trying to have a little black dress party at the resort, maybe we can wear masks but make it fancy-ish? Hmmm, will work on that.

Today’s other big to do besides the grocery was the Eye Dr. As I get ready to leave the car won’t turn over. Please not today Satan, this is not my car and already have fear to use it. Sweaty, not even 10 minutes today. One of the workers was at the house and quickly jumped my ride. Please don’t let this day drive me crazy, I was not craving alcohol at all surprisingly and don’t want the excuse that I’m annoyed. I feel kind of over it. The Dr. is sweet on me a little so it was the funniest exam I’ve had in a while. Not my type, unfortunately, 28 taller gentleman, not shy however I prefer more ambitious and groomed. He flirts with me a little and was happy to help and be close to me. Of course, my green textured tank top was fitted and showed just enough cleavage ; ) We were the only ones there and I had a full tour. A little random mixture of the examining room, surgery room, lots of equipment, a 4-foot painting of Jesus overlooking an eye doctor, and a wooden Sancho that when you pulled the hat up it exposes his member. This all prompted a little teasing and flirting with weird questions. It was a fun, sweet, and nice change of pace. Finished my errands and then sat down to the most social media responses ever in my life. More than my birthday.

The gift of asking for help from my friends flamed the fires for me to put “Dry in July” on my private life media-wise. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Why was I so scared? I think because in person I get the “it’s your birthday”. “we are at the beach”. I live in a paradise where most people retire and vacation, there is always a reason. When I quit smoking people didn’t push smoking on you, they ask if you are sure you want one. Smoking was a short stint in my life and pops up on occasion. Gross and stupid, I know.

I have had to create new boundaries with friends in the past when I put Karen away. My best friend of years kept buying me drink after I was out of rehab, it hurt the heart but healed my soul. Picking the right circle is so important, what your daily normal surrounding will dictate so much in your life.

I was talking to my fabulous hair guru today, recited to her “if you stand the barbershop long enough, you’re bound to get a haircut”. I learned this gem of philosophy in that rehab stint mentioned above and it always stuck with me. “Change your hair and change your life” is something I’ve said that since I was stylist eons ago. I can’t explain the transformation a great confidante hairstyle can do for someone. I had to change my barbershop to change my hair to change my life, this is part of the gift that unfolded to encourage me along the way. My guru also cut all my dead ends off to a super cute short curly healthy mess. Let the new adventure begin.

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