I will never, ever.

AF Day 3

Have you ever said “I will never, ever” and somehow, someway, here you are? You’re standing in that place you said never, ever, ever you would be. Stomp your foot, sure in your bones never ever. That was my day. It started off a hazy morning practice indoors. Living on the Iron Shore I get to enjoy ocean spray, smoke, salt, etc creeps in often as you can see. I love the feel of the fresh air and enjoy every deep breath a little more knowing how fresh it is here compared to my city life.

Where did I never, ever, ever think I would be. Teaching water aerobics on the side of the pool in yoga pants on in a bikini in the water. Never ever till today at 10 am. These clients are great people, easy to get along with, and asked a few times so I said let’s do this. A new adventure that I swore never, ever, and there were doubts. I don’t enjoy quick movements outside of power yoga rarely. I loved a friend so much I tried Jazzercise for 2 months, I’m the worst. If this movement is new to, Jazzercise, think of jazzed up exercise in tempo. Full body, intense and dramatic. I danced in gay bars occasionally and was ready to bring it. I was wrong, no clue what I was walking into. This is straight-up exercise choreography and I’m no Jlo. (I wanted to be a fly girl so bad) The song and movements are always the same and everyone but my friend and I knew the moves. All of them. My friend loved it and I was about to go into an anxiety attack. LOL, I tried it 3 times a week for 2 months. Nope, I went a totally different route and never went back or even tried.

Now here I am, shaking it like Shakira and having a great time. I knew a week ago I was doing this class but I wasn’t feeling it. I teach yoga not aerobics, I have said this many times before with a sassy turned up nose. I have been pushing away a lot of work and simply need to figure out. Making it through this COVID economy on the rock or move back to the states and slang real estate. This morning a memory came up on my social and it was a picture of Richard Simmons doing a glitter squat. It’s ridiculous, lovely and I’m feeling it. The way he moves to be happy and encourages others, I love it. I watched a few videos, wrote a few sequences down, and finally felt inspired. The class went well and rebooked twice a week

The rest of the day was busy work online, I feel overall ok. I’m still overeating like crazy, at least the binging is on healthy foods and at home. Just no smoking to curb the eating and once this coffee runs out I’m calling it a treat again too. I’m tracking all these changes and super stoked for sleep. Tomorrow another fun alcohol-free day. I keep getting invited to parties and end up not going. By the looks of things on stories, it’s always a good idea. Home alone almost every night is getting old but way better than alone with Karen.

Work is feeling good but future the is bleak. The airlines are cutting more people and the hotel is laying off more for 90 days allowed by the government as of recent. Please let this be the bottom. Crime is high and violent but without tourism I’m not sure how many will survive.

Karen was around today actually and I thought about her strongly twice. I don’t want to do it in public because I told people I quit for July. I admit I slipped up but not that I want to keep at it. Home safe so not today Satan!  

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