Get Off My Plate

I keep wanting to make this perfect, then another day passes, another day passes. I feel I am putting hte cart before the horse and now I just need to simply do. Leaving the below here it’s a reacp of the week and big surprise I was alcohol free the entire time!

You know that perfect thing I said I was working on, well I didn’t do that well with it.  LOL, awareness is the first step. Ding! Even better news I’m alcohol-free 10 days in a row, woot woot! Wow, what a week it’s been, I actually had to go back and read when I last left a blog. I am tripping up on how to be the best at it right away and creating content for this to manifest into something. Trying to take the right picture, type a good recap with certain points, loosely create the vision or the right phrase to say, etc…  Nope, this space is for me to cry my little or big heart out, to reflect and learn lessons, to dump my mind and help me let go of emotions so I  stay on my path for growth later.  So let’s talk about last week. 

The weekend was hard but in way that I managed it without hanging out with Karen. Staying out of the bars is a good idea for the time being but that means I need to be a little more creative with my time, luckily I have a car now. Sunday was a Wowza, I woke up with the worst headache/body ache in my life. My hair follicles even hurt and I couldn’t move too quickly.  I quit all sugars, wine, and caffeine in the same week. I allowed myself to eat a block of cheese over the course of 3 days, no sugar right? Well, I never bring cheese in the house since I eat the veggie life at home, and with too much cheese I had a new set of issues. Laughing and shaking my head at the same time, I know better and teach people to lean into change. What do I do, go balls to the walls!  Feeling I can be perfect and do it all at the same time.  Lesson received and learned.  Feeling much better recently. 

This week was highlighted by COVID, it finally landed in the bay.  We have been very sheltered and closed off since March and people are very restless and careless.  Everyone has had their maids, workers back for 3 months, eating out, having parties, and rarely social distancing amongst certain groups like the bay.  now and mainlanders are arriving every day with no testing. About 50-75 ex-pats are returning every Saturday for the past 2 weeks, they are tested but ready to party! On Tuesday I was told there are 3 households with COVID and then a friend and her hubby caught it, then another and another. The only issue is it’s not surprising since they stopped social distancing amongst each other and really only using the mask to walk in and out of places. How does that make sense, please pee only on this side of the pool.  Honestly, most of us have let our guards down in many ways, till now. 
Work has slowed down and may stop completely. I’m keeping my head up since I know I am working my way to break from the chains of in-person to virtual and looking forward to learning new things.  After forever searching and weighing options I have decided to get my National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach certification and help people live healthier lifestyles and be billable by insurance. This feels amazing and I’m wonderfully excited since this aligns with where I am and where I am going. 

All this and I have been sober and it was easy. Granted I stayed home mostly since I was weak from my diet detox sickness and not making much money.  The goal right now is to only spend what I bring in and have been doing ok with that so far, the very near future isn’t looking so bright. I did venture into the stores a few times and wasn’t tempted once to buy wine, I really wasn’t into it at all and walked right past Karen. It feels rather freeing on one hand and then sad since I had to let a few more people go. 

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